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Photograph by Koichi Torimura








Our client‘s family used to own a old hostel and which was run by the family at the site. The san, who is our client, was running yakitori restaurant in neighbor at the time. later, his mother passed away and father stop running the business. However when the san start his own restaurant, he wanted to work with his father, who used to be a cook. So they decided demolish old building and create new restaurant/residence at the site.
The street in front of this site has many shiops/residence type of buildings.

In general, they build outside wall right next to the adjacent building, so the shop owners can build the shops which has maximized width of the facades. And also they put buildings in front of street as close as possible. Both of the rules were came up naturally, in order to take visitors into their shops. However, in this project, we decided to create space between adjacent buildings and front street. So the facade became smaller than other buildings of the street but you can easily recognize where the yokaya is. even it is smaller than other buildings.

Also, usual shop/residence type of architecture has shop facade on ground floor and on second floor, there are some openings for the house. In yokaya, we decided not to create housing windows on the facade and create a balcony with walls for the residence. Because of the lack of house openings, you can not recognize its residence from the street. The decision also makes the facade unique.
The chairs are used to be used in the hotel. They were sanded and re-painted in new color.

Photograph by Koichi Torimura


  • タイトル / 余加也
  • 計画地 /


  • 用途 / 店舗併用二世帯住宅
  • 状態 / 竣工
  • 計画種別 / 新築
  • 構造 / 木造2階建
  • 規模 / 地上2階
  • 敷地面積 / 135.35m2
  • 建築面積 / 89.38m2
  • 法定延床面積 / 159.47m2
  • 計画着手 / 2010年10月
  • 工事竣工 / 2012年8月
  • 発注者 /


  • 設計 /

    rhythmdesign Ltd.

  • 担当者 /


  • Project Details /

    Title: Yokaya
    Location: Fukuoka, Fukuoka pref., JAPAN
    Type of Project: SHOP+Duplex house
    Status: completed
    Structure: wood
    Site area: 135.35m2
    Building area: 89.38m2
    Gross internal floor area: 159.47m2
    Commissioned:October 2010
    Completed:August 2012
    Client: Private
    Budget: Confidencial

  • CREDIT /

    Architects: rhythmdesign
    Project Architect: Kenichiro Ide
    Design Team: Kenichiro Ide, Tomoaki Munekata
    Structural Engineers: Kuroiwa Structure Engineers
    Lighting consultant:USHIO SPAX FUKUOKA
    Photographer: Koichi Torimura
    Main contractor: Ikohouse corporation